"Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?’ " - Martin Luther King


United by friendship and their common values, the members of the European Fraternity help each other and offer support in their respective missions and activities. This friendship is created and nurtured through the organization of regular meetings at the national level and yearly meetings at the European level for the maintenance of a close-knit network. The European Fraternity is built on three pillars:

Cultural awareness: “To love is to know.” The cultural diversity of Europe challenges us on a personal, political and spiritual level to know what unites us as Europeans and what distinguishes us from the others: to appreciate and treasure our similarities and differences. Robert Schuman said that “Europe must have a soul”. Members of the European Fraternity commit to bringing the soul and spirit of Europe to life. Through friendship and the organisation of events in different cities of Europe, we discover, understand and admire this rich patrimonial heritage. If someone doesn’t know where he is from, he won’t know where he’s going as he doesn’t know where he is…

Spiritual renewal: fraternal prayer is another essential pillar of the Fraternity. During meetings, spiritual nourishment (prayers, texts, meditation, etc.) rests the soul, allows discernment, and restores the strength necessary for each person’s mission.

Christian engagement:“Faith is expressed in charity.” A charitable / social commitment is asked of each member: a commitment in which the member is explicitly “a witness of Christ,” in their local or national community. The nature of this commitment is at the discretion of each (protection of life, serving the poor, education, helping the elderly, protection of the environment, etc …).