"Take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm." - Saint Paul (Ep 6:13)


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Throughout history, creative minorities have determined the future with their inspiring visions, strong principles and innovative solutions. “Christian believers should look upon themselves as just such a creative minority, and help Europe to reclaim what is best in its heritage and to therefore place itself at the service of all humankind.” (Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, 2004).

Why a “fraternity”?

“Fraternitas” is an old Christian concept: brothers and sisters who share their faith in Christ, praying together, working together, trusting each other, and supporting each other the best they can.

The European Fraternity responds to a fundamental need for unity and support among and for brothers and sisters in the faith. While each of us are working to build creative minorities in our communities, members of the Fraternity rest in the knowledge that they are supported by brothers all across Europe.


Please read carefully our Charter as below :

Charta Fraternitatis Europaeae

Conscious of the importance of belonging to a fraternity of brothers and sisters anchored in faith in a Triune God, in which one can find support and solidarity in facing challenges, crosses, and victories,

Determined to rediscover the soul of Europe and to foster a vision of a united, fraternal and Christian Europe, acknowledging its history, welcoming its cultural heritage and mindful of our responsibilities towards future generations,

Desiring to provide a framework of non-negotiable principles within which Christians can give meaning and direction to actions and commitments,

Eager to respond to the call of Pope Benedict XVI (2009) to become “creative minorities who determine the future,” by calling European Christians of good will to join their efforts,

Resolved to promote a dynamic Europe, capable of economic and social success, applying the principles of good governance and ethics, and anxious to strengthen freedom, justice and peace among peoples in a spirit of solidarity, subsidiarity and openness to others,

Aware of the spiritual, cultural and anthropological crisis experienced by Europe and recognising the need and urgency of rediscovering and assuming the Christian foundations of Europe,

The Committee of the European Fraternity adopts the following Charter:

Article §1
We recognise Jesus Christ, true God and true Man, as our Lord. We wish to serve Him and give witness to His presence in our lives.

Article §2
We adhere to an integral anthropological approach, respecting and considering human beings, created male and female in the image of God, with inalienable and inherent dignity and rights from conception until natural death.

Article §3
We promote and defend Marriage between one man and one woman and the Family as the fundamental cell of society.

Article §4
We respect freedom of religion, conscience, thought, expression and assembly.

Article §5
We acknowledge friendship as the foundation of the European Fraternity. In all our commitments, we wish to love, serve and support each other in our challenges and successes.

Article §6
We support and promote a united and fraternal Europe, assuming its history, its cultural and spiritual heritage, respectful of differences among its peoples, applying de facto the principle of subsidiarity.

Article §7
We wish to discover and to make known the soul of Europe, recognising Christianity as the foundation of European civilisation, based on Natural Law and illuminated by the Gospel.

As members of the European Fraternity, we commit to defend and promote the principles presented in this Charter.

As a member of the European Fraternity, I pledge to:

  1. Uphold the values of the Charter
  2. Lift up the Fraternity and its members in prayer
  3. Aid my fellow members when called upon, and always reply to any request, to the best of my abilities
  4. Participate in at least two activities of the Fraternity per year (either in person, online or via another engagement with the Fraternity to the best of my abilities)
  5. Exercice prudence in sponsoring new members worthy of the trust and confidence of the Fraternity
  6. Support the Fraternity and its actions in the way that best fits my abilities (time, competencies, donations).

Note: By submitting the form below, you confirm that you uphold the values of the charter and you commit to respect the above-mentioned points.

Note bis : This information will remain confidential and for internal use only.

If you have any problems with the form, please send us an email to: info@europeanfraternity.com

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